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Mission Statement: Prov. 3:5,6 - Remember the Lord in all you do; and He will make straight your path

Is it difficult to get cell phone service at your production sale? Livestock R Us can help.
We have a portable cell phone booster you can rent the day of your sale!
Call us for more info.

A Livestockrus representative will be at all of the Live Video Production Sales.
If you are pre approved with the Seedstock producer you can call 605-845-8900 to bid on cattle on the day of the sale.
Or call the Seedstock producers number directly.

Price discovery through an auction is, and probably always will be the finest way to establish price discovery of livestock. Our hope is that we can help every livestock auction and every producer to provide themselves with an extra bidder or buyer for their product with year-around website advertising. The Livestock R Us management team simply wants to make available an affordable advertising and data source website for livestock producers. We at Livestock R Us hope that you'll become a member and no matter what your marketing technique is, we hope we can be a blessing to your business.

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Livestock R Us is dedicated to helping all livestock markets and provides livestock auctions with live-video streaming.


October 3, 2003



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